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The Insulin Caravan

Max does the first show of the week with a focus on something he had never heard of called Bluetooth Beacons, which he finds even more intrusive than even Google or Facebook, and that’s bad enough, but now it seems these Bluetooth Beacons can track you within an inch or two when you’re shopping.

I said “caravan,” NOT “caravan!”

Max quickly jumps to Trump suggesting he should stay more than two terms, possibly, maybe, as that is what his supporters want. Eventually Max gets to the meat of the show, and that is the horrendous situation in the United States regarding the cost of prescription drug prices, in particular insulin.

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Bernie Sanders Bad Hair Day

Max jumps into his show by celebrating the growth of the Voice of The Radical Center with a very nice gin n’ tonic.

Wadya mean? I DID comb my hair

Next he gets to Donald Trump saying he would not give up information to the Feds if someone from a foreign power gave him information on a political opponent. Alrighty then. Max then gets to Bernie Sanders just to prove he is quite capable of picking on wacky politicians from any side of the political spectrum. Steve King from Iowa is next on Max’s list as he becomes so desperate to prove he is not a racist by doing a press conference with Diamond & Silk.

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YouTube’s Fairy Tales

Max, Ginger, and Mike, along with Dan the Long Suffering Producer, get stuck into their weekly roundup show where they fixate on the important topic of; social media, and the responsibility companies such as Google, Facebook and YouTube have in controlling content on their platforms. Surprisingly, Max finds himself outnumbered as even Dan turns against him. Poor Max. 

I clean up my mess, why can’t YouTube and Facebook? And I’m a dog!

But first Max has to deliver what he believes is the best way to support our service men and woman, how Trumps Mexican standoff on taxes is really no such thing, and how Jim Jordan, the Republican from Ohio, really is a huge hypocrite, although that should not be a surprise to anyone. 

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D-Day is Donald Day

Max gets the show going by having a great Scotch just to lubricate his vocal chords and then gets into something he hadn’t understood until now, and that is how actually quite brilliant Donald Trump is.

I would have gone you know that. I am only sorry I wasn’t born

Next Max gets to the potentially damaging tariffs on Mexican products, and the fact that finally Ted Cruz is upset about something that Trump would do harm to Texas, and more importantly, these tariffs are a tax on all Americans. Max also gets into the amazing amount of wealth that is owned by the top 1% in the US stock market. Finally Max offers his co-host an apology for saying Democrats have no policies as he now understands has started talking about real issues. Even Tucker Carlson, (Bowtie Boy) is impressed.

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Who the f*** is Max Miller?

So, first things first…I am Max Miller, and like it says on the page here, like most people I have an opinion on just about everything.

And just like most people, this doesn’t mean I am always right. But, hey it’s sometimes fun to poke people a bit to see their reaction. Is that mean? Perhaps, but given how some people overreact when you disagree with them even just to test their beliefs ….umm… yes, it’s fun.

And while I will probably be talking about the issues of the day, (politics, religion, showbiz) I will also be talking from time to time about my favorite other topic. And that is cars. I love cars. I watch Top Gear. Read the press on cars and reviews. So I am a real gearhead geek.

Usually, though I will be talking about the topic of the day. Such as the Donald, the Democrats, not so loyal opposition, Fake news, Fake fake news and anything else that crosses my mind.

Max Miller – The Other “Cheeky Chappie”

Those of you who might be fans of vintage Brit humor (there has to be someone out there like that, doesn’t it?), you might know that my name is a tribute to the Max Miller who was considered the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation. That Max Miller was a rather naughty chap who entertained the British from the ‘30s through the ‘50s. Like me, he was called the “Cheeky Chappie”. I am, of course, much better looking and if I can believe, Dan, my producer, smarter and funnier.

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