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Max Miller: Trump’s Fantasy Falls Apart

Max starts off by pointing out that he is not an athlete, and is amazed that by having a personal trainer he has learnt how to stretch properly. He is even more amazed in the results of stretching properly. This just goes to show that Max really is not an athlete in any shape fashion or form.

My nukes are bigger than your nukes

After going off at a tangent, Max endeavors to get things back on track by talking about Trump cancelling the meeting with Kim Jong-un and the even more fantastical letter that the White House sent to the North Korean leader. Max also digs into yet again Trump’s idea of fixing the trade issues with China, whereas China is connecting all things together, American farmers, North Korea, ZTE, and so on. Meanwhile Trump is out maneuvered in every way. Remember when Trump “trade wars were an easy win.” As if to back this up Max reminds us that in many ways he supports Trumps ideas, trade reform, infrastructure and so on. The trouble is Trump is wholly incapable of executing any of this. Next Max gets into the letter the White House sent to Kim Jong un which clearly Trump was so proud of that he had it released to the public, unfortunately it looked like is written by a bunch of twelve year old kids. Finally Max has to remind everyone that the Cowardly Lion, AKA Paul Ryan, really is the world’s biggest hypocrite.

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Max Miller: Republicans And Democrats Fail In Their Main Mission: Us

Max is late to the start of the week, so he has to dig right into the fact he is a day behind in keeping up with the news, and by reminding us that all he wants is anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat to do anything positive for the average working American.

RHB. That’s the party for me

Remember the unyielding criticism that Hillary Clinton received for having a private email server in her basement, well now we find out that Donald is using his own unsecured phones, one just for Twitter and one for news. Max wonders if Shallow Hall (Sean Hannity) will get as upset about this as he did about Clintons email server. Next Max digs into the so-called trade war with China, which was supposed to be a prime example of Donald Trump’s negotiating skills, and now we learn that Trump’s team cannot even agree on the type of trade deal we even would like to have with China, and of course the Chinese have noticed. Which means the US could continue to lose out to other countries in the race to sell to China. On top of that Donald still wants to help the Chinese company ZTE. You know the one the Feds said broke sanctions by selling to Iran. Max then turns to Trumps never ending list of charges and unfounded accusations. Finally Max looks at how Trump is asking the DOJ to investigate his enemies, which of course is totally legal and above board.  And once again Max asks, will someone please explain to him what the Democrats actually stand for?

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Max Weekend: Prime Trump Vs Amazon Prime

Max starts out by explaining the startling statistic that more school children have been killed so far in 2018 than people in the United States armed services. And I thought we were supposed to protect our children.

I cannot believe that Bezos guy is wealthier than me

At what point will the politicians who always hold up Churchill as an example of courage, fail to protect our own children. Next Max jumps into what the word collusion actually means, because even though Trump Jr tried to collude with the Russians, he failed. But if Trump had not been so ham-fisted the Mueller investigation would probably not have happened. In other words, Trump bought this on to himself. Next Max decides to question Shallow Hal (Sean Hannity) manhood, as obviously the man is not a true friend to the president and the country and clearly does not understand what the word “courage” actually means. Next Max digs into Trumps animosity towards Amazon and Jeff Bezos, which Max wonders is caused by Amazons failure to deliver his regular supply of Depends undergarments on time.

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Max Miller: Sex, Lies, And Where’s The Video?

Max hits the mid-week mark by reexamining his commitment to being an independent, and reminds his listeners that he supports some of Trumps ideas; infrastructure, beautiful healthcare, trade that’s free but fair, and a solid middle class tax cut.

So sure, I did promise to take on China, drug prices, infrastructure. But how can I focus on the little things when I need to deal with this?

Big prob though.. we will see it…? Max is ever the optimist and keeps looking for anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat doing anything to help the average working American. Max starts by revisiting the opening of the American embassy in Jerusalem, even though this was a few days ago now, but Max has had time to think about this. Next Max revisits Trumps campaign promises, including standing up to big business, big pharma, China and Russia. How is that going so far? Max goes through the list one by one to explain not that well. Big business is buying back stock, big pharma was let off the hook just the other week. China and Russia are of course in their own category. Next we discover that Trump made money from the businesses he never gave up, including the Trump hotel in DC where foreign governments and other people wanting to curry favor with Donald like to stay. And let’s not forget that Mar-a-Lago charges the Secret Service for using golf carts. Max is not making this up. Finally it turns out Trump did pay Stormy Daniels after all. 

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