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Max Weekend: The GOP Is Winning So Much, Max’s Head Is Spinning

Max gets another early jump on the week, this time he says so he can focus more crafting responses to the non-election of Roy Moore. We all know by now the reason is so he can play more golf. Still nothing stops Max when he’s on a roll. Going over the “what have the bastards done for us lately?” mantra, Max finds the answer is of course, nothing.

Trump: This is your fault. Bannon: No it’s your fault. Trump: My hands are so huge, I could throttle you with only one. See?

The only thing good to come out of this week was the shellacking that Roy Moore took in Alabama. And that was carried out by the voters themselves; no one on congress was there to help. Max also takes a look at how Trumps abundant use of the phrase “fake news” is helping justify despots around the globe. And finally Max zeroes in on the so called tax cut for the middle class, which of course is nothing of the sort.

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Max Miller: Accused Pedophile Vs Accused Democrat

Yes, its finally here, the great vote-off in Alabama. We have Roy Moore an accused pedophile versus Doug Jones an accused Democrat. No matter who wins, the GOP continues its downward spiral and in particular show themselves to be spineless.

Sorry sweetheart, you’re too old for me

Max thought that character mattered greatly to the GOP and their friends at State Media (Fox News). Meanwhile, while it continues to push the great Middle-Class Tax Con on Americans, the middle class has actually figured out that the tax cut will not benefit them at all. And Max thought Trump wanted to improve the life of the average American. Ditto for Stephen Bannon, who as each day goes by looks like a rank amateur even if Roy Moore wins. Finally, Trump’s accusers are back, saying “what about us?” 

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Max Weekend: The GOP “Farts In Our General Direction”

Max takes an early look back on the week that was. Let’s see if anyone, from any party has actually done anything to help the average working man this week. We already know what the answer is…  is NO… HELL NO. Meanwhile Mueller is following the money and getting closer to the Trump money machine. The big news of course is Roy Moore and the GOP.. yup they are now all in behind an accused pediophile as god forbid we have a Democrat.

What the GOP thinks about the voters in America

As Monty Python says, the GOP is “farting in the general direction” of the voters.  How does the GOP tax bill bring tax relief to the middle class? Answer from Chuck Grassley is let them eat cake. “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing … as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” Finally, Stephen Bannon and Sean Hannity are now BFF’s.

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Max Miller: “Working Class, They Spend On Booze, Women Or Movies”

Max gets a late start to the week, but this gives him time to digest some of his favourite quotes from the GOP camp. I mean, could you even make this stuff up.. “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies,” so says Iowa Republican Sen.

My name is Chuck Grassley, I have been in Congress for over 40 years. See, one finger for every decade. Is that right?”

Chuck Grassley. What a classy guy. And remember this is from the President who promised to “drain the swamp,” and Steve Bannon wanted a revolution for the working man. Where is that guys? And every day the Trump Russian bandwagon gets more and more bogged down. This time by a Tweet that came from Trump’s account, but was not actually written by him, but was dictated by to his lawyer by Trump which means it is meaningless.. Wait! What?

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Max Weekend: Perhaps Trump Is Simply a Glitch In The Matrix

As Max looks back on the past week, he is now thoroughly convinced there is a glitch in the Matrix, and that Trump is really Agent Smith reincarnated to do us harm and search out subversive influences.

One of us is nuts

How could this not be the case after North Korea launches a missile into the Japan sea, he decides to fight with NBC, MSNBC Morning Joe, has a meeting with two empty chairs, fights with the British PM, and claims the voice on the Access Hollywood tape “may not” be his. How any of this helps the average working American is beyond Max’s comprehension. 

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Max Miller: Trump Blasts The Wrong Theresa May

Max gets up early on Thursday to broadcast his latest 30 minutes of outstanding wit, observation and wisdom. He decides that Trump may simply be a glitch in the Matrix. Something that may, or may not be fixed in time to rescue us from permanent hell.

Teresa. You have nice hands. Did you notice how large mine are?

Meanwhile while North Korea lobs a missile into the Japan sea, Trump decides to focus on more important things, such as attacking the leader of our closest ally, tweeting racist videos, claiming that that “may not be” his voice on the now notorious Access Hollywood video. And so much more. How can Max cram all this into 30 mins? Listen to find out. 

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Max Miller: Why Fox News Is Not Seen Overseas As Trump Wants

Back from a long Thanksgiving weekend, Max digs into how Trumps tantrums against CNN, or any news outlet that is not Fox, will do nothing to help the average working man in America.

One of us is a liar

Of course the ultimate lackey Sean Hannity finds all this rather amusing, despite the fact he supports, as he likes to remind us, the Constitution. Max explains why Fox News is not broadcast overseas. Its simple. No one would watch it. CNN uses the word “international” in its overseas version for a reason, it has different, less US focused content. Fox doesn’t even cover the rest of the world that CNN does. As if that wasn’t enough, the “no middle class tax” cut from the GOP is wending its way through Congress.

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