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Max Miller: Suffer The Children

Max thinks he is going to get right into the horrible situation on the border where kids are taken away from their parents so the parents can be prosecuted. However, much to Max’s amazement he has hot new news that came right across his desk before his broadcast which means he has to spend time trying to understand some rather jaw dropping statistics, although Max does find time to explain how his new workout routine is wearing him out, in particular something known as “planks.”

Can I go now? (Reuters / Leah Millis)

After some prodding from his producer Dan, Max gets back on track with the amazing stat that Donald Trump has lied well over 3000 times since his election. In fact according to the stats, Donald’s lying is actually getting worse, along with all his Tweeting which Max has always said is a window into Trumps soul. And it’s only getting worse because the Trump Whisperer, Hope Hicks is no longer in the White House. Max then digs into something called “truth bias”, which is essentially means that we expect the best from people and that we are always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Max comes to an unexpected conclusion that talking about all this is somewhat therapeutic. 

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Max Miller: Max’s Week In Review

Max starts his review of the week that was by explaining that in all the time he has been doing the Week in Review, he has yet to see anyone in DC, Republican or Democrat doing anything or achieving anything for the average working American.

Now listen, no hard questions right. Remember I am BFF’s with Kim Jong Un

Max starts the show by going over Trumps impromptu interview with those hard hitting reporters at Fox & Friends where he essentially laid down the world as it is according to Donald Trump. And did those hard hitting reporters from Fox & Friends ask the tough questions? Well as Max says, we already know the answer to that one. So Max goes through the various statements from Trump and analyses each one in detail, but not before Max gets sidetracked yet again by Donald Trump’s body language and mode of speech. There is no doubt that Trump seems to like dictators, and even though he said he was being “sarcastic” he said he would like “his people to sit up” around him. And who does not think he was being serious? Speaking of not being serious, Max goes after Fox & Friends Steve Doocy, who has the privilege of asking Trump questions, and then fails miserably to ask tough questions. So much for patriotism. Finally Max points out that 4/5 of Americans are actually worse off under Trump, despite the booming economy.

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Max Miller: Trump Foundation Is Built On The Swamp

Max does his Thursday show facing a catastrophe as he cannot find his gin n’ tonic, naturally this throws Max for a complete loop and it takes him a few moments to get his show back on track. Finally having regained his composure Max starts by going into one of his favorite subjects, Donald Trump and his body language, by analyzing Trumps rather startling salute of a North Korean general.

Now listen you dogs, don’t forget you have to give this right back after the presentation (pic Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Next Max moves onto his main topic, the Trump Foundation, and wonders out loud why it is, that anything with the Trump name on it seems to be nothing more than one large scam. Max is especially incensed about the money that should have gone to veterans, and takes a minute to read a note from a real veteran and his opinion on the Trump Foundation. Next Max digs into the new tariffs that the US is going to place on Chinese products, as remember this is all supposed to be an easy win for the United States. In particular Trump’s tariffs will affect manufacturers in Wisconsin as Max goes over the complete list of products that will be included, and who this will affect. Yes that’s right, American workers. Finally Max has it confirmed what he has said in the past, and that is that James Comey may have been a good FBI agent, but he was certainly a political idiot. 

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Max Miller: Max Miller: The Singapore Summit Was Weirdly Wonderful

Max starts his Tuesday show by looking back at the events of the past few days which of course includes the Kim Jong Un meeting in Singapore. As ever Max tries to be fair, meaning that he thinks it is better to talk than to walk, but he does wonder if Kim got a much better deal out of the meeting.

And if you look in the back, you’ll notice my gold toilet

Max outlines what those benefits are. However Max starts by going over his workout routine, and is amazed that he is able to do planks. After Max’s producer pulls Max back on track to talk about world events, Max does question Trumps claim that he stayed awake for 25 hours so he could prepare for the meeting. If that is not a sign of Trumps delusion, then what else would be? Next Max jumps back to the summit in Singapore and goes over the benefits for North Korea, and how they seem to be outweigh anything the United States received, but ever the optimist, Max hopes that some good will come out of all of this. Max also quotes how wonderful Donald thinks Kim Jong Un is, verses how he treats Canada. Which prompts Max to really understand what it is that upsets Donald about Canada, and it has a lot to do with another type of Canadian export, their citizens.

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