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Max Miller: Round And Round We Go

Max misses his Thursday show due to a hangover, shameful but true, so he has to do his Thursday show on Friday morning. But in missing this deadline, this does give Max time to deliver as he says, “a quality project,” and to focus on the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties, in this case Nancy Pelosi in particular.

Melania, now that we’ve voted, lets leave then vote again. No one will ever notice

Max’s view is that nobody voted for the Democrats due to the inspired leadership of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, in fact people voted Democrat despite them. And yet again, Max tries to understand what the Dems stand for? Next Max gets into one of his favorite topics, the GOP tax cut, and comes up with a new and rather startling statistic that 35% of the stock market is owned by foreigners. In other words, the tax cut is helping people who don’t even live in America.  Max then gets to Donald Trump being interviewed by the press, and the responsibility of a reporter who is interviewing any politician, in particular though this president, especially when he is claiming people voted multiple times simply by changing their clothes. Finally Max sends a challenge to Alex Jones about voter fraud.

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Max Miller: Trumps Terrible French Vacation

Max gets to Tuesday by getting on to one of his favorite subjects, cars, and how for months Max has said that Trump is itching to place tariffs on cars from Europe, in particular from Germany, and as it turns out there have been meetings in the White House in recent days on this very subject.

Look, I know fake, I talk about it all the time, but those look real to me

Next Max jumps into the latest figures, which reinforce much of what we already know, that the massive tax cuts for corporations and the well-off have translated into, increased stock buy backs and other benefits for the stock holding class, which let’s not forget is only 48% of the US population, and of that, 80% of the stock market wealth is owned by 20% of the population. So it is no surprise that these people have done very well from the tax cuts, in particular as it turns out, companies are spending more on stock buy backs than they are on pay increases for their employees, or investing in plant and machinery. What’s worse is that much of the increase in investment is from only five companies, which is great if you work for them. And if you thought the tax cut would pay for it’self then Max has a bridge in Brooklyn he would like to sell you. Finally Max gets into the terrible weekend Trump had in France where he was supposed to be remembering those killed in WW1. 

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Max Miller: Ben Stein, “Trump?.. Trump?..Trump?”

Max hits the last show of the week by going back over what has happened since the midterm election and how all the electioneering has put the Max Miller Dog on edge, as if he senses an evil presence, as dogs do in the movies. 

Of course Trump excites me, can’t you tell?

Max then gets into a quick recap of several recent conversations he has had with friends who believe he is not an independent at all, but more than likely a communist. So after the election will Americans come together in a kum ba ya moment, will they wash the neighbor’s car, and mow their lawn in the love that is all good about America. Max is not so sure, in particular after Trumps amazing press conference which went on for an amazing one hour and twenty two minutes. During this time, Trump attacked Jim Acosta, CNN and the press, but if he hates the press so much, why even let CNN ask a question. Max wonders how is it that Trump didn’t win more, and how it is that the Democrats didn’t win more. Believe it or not, Max has the answer. Even the Maxter is amazed that the White House used a video from Infowars to justify banning Acosta from the White House press corp, and Max is even more amazed that Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary stood by its use. And lets not forget that the leader of the free world Finally Max explains his PayPal story and how he accidentally paid someone way too much money. It was a stressful day for the Maxter.

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Apocalypse Now: Election Day Special

Max hits Election Day, which coincides with his first working day of the week to bring a personal perspective of a conversation he had with a good friend about what will happen and to explain to the Maxster why he is now on the Trump Train, despite the fact that Trump has done nothing remotely conservative during his tenure.

I wrote this. Of course I wrote this

This led the conversation down a rabbit hole which Max tried and failed to get out of, despite the fact the topic started off on the benign topic of, will there be a “blue wave” or not. Unfortunately even the Max Miller Dog seems on edge on Election Day as he paces around the Max Miller Studio, after all dogs are supposed to be sensitive to negative changes in the ether, and the MMD seems to be sensitive to Election Day Blues emanating from the humans around him. Next Max jumps into his favorite foil, Shallow Hal (Sean Hannity), who lied about appearing on stage with the Trumpster, and will Fox News do anything about this? Umm.. we already know the answer. It wasn’t that long ago that the GOP claimed to be the party of optimism and hope, well that seems to have been ditched in favor of darkness and pessimism, wrapped up with a dose of fake patriotism. Surprisingly it turns out that more people are concerned about voter suppression than voter fraud, although you wouldn’t know that listing to Trump and Jeff Sessions.

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Who the f*** is Max Miller?

So, first things first…I am Max Miller, and like it says on the page here, like most people I have an opinion on just about everything.

And just like most people, this doesn’t mean I am always right. But, hey it’s sometimes fun to poke people a bit to see their reaction. Is that mean? Perhaps, but given how some people overreact when you disagree with them even just to test their beliefs ….umm… yes, it’s fun.

And while I will probably be talking about the issues of the day, (politics, religion, showbiz) I will also be talking from time to time about my favorite other topic. And that is cars. I love cars. I watch Top Gear. Read the press on cars and reviews. So I am a real gearhead geek.

Usually, though I will be talking about the topic of the day. Such as the Donald, the Democrats, not so loyal opposition, Fake news, Fake fake news and anything else that crosses my mind.

Max Miller – The Other “Cheeky Chappie”

Those of you who might be fans of vintage Brit humor (there has to be someone out there like that, doesn’t it?), you might know that my name is a tribute to the Max Miller who was considered the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation. That Max Miller was a rather naughty chap who entertained the British from the ‘30s through the ‘50s. Like me, he was called the “Cheeky Chappie”. I am, of course, much better looking and if I can believe, Dan, my producer, smarter and funnier.

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