OK, I will come clean. I do not like Rand Paul. At least on paper. Perhaps if I met him at a bar and shared a beer I could like him personally, but as far as it goes with his politics and holier than thou attitude, it makes it difficult for me to think of him as a likable guy. Now comes the news that somehow his son, a 20 year old college student with access to great healthcare through the university, was enrolled in Medicaid even though he didn’t ask to.


The complete story is on the Washington Post here, but the jist is that Kid Paul was signing up for healthcare, although Dad Paul has yet to explain why this was necessary, and somehow in this horrendous process, junior ended up with a Medicaid card.

The Washington Post piece does admit that perhaps, through the screw ups in the launch of Obamacare that somehow, someway an applicant could get Medicaid even though they were clearly not qualified. Rand Paul’s explanation to say the least was convoluted and does not match the facts. (You can see his claim on the video above). Time will tell. But what bothers me, is a man whose family is clearly covered eight ways from Sunday with good healthcare is doing all he can to make sure those who don’t have it, don’t get it, and secondly, offers no alternative solution. Sadly on this last point, we will be kept waiting for a long time.

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