We are in the middle of award show hell. The Oscars, Grammys, etc etc. Am I the only one who doesn’t like them? Perhaps that is too strong a statement though. Seeing your favorite actor, musician or whomever is usually quite interesting, and in this world of non-stop news it is sometimes quite good fun to be totally distracted by something that has no real world value whatsoever.

But… it’s the excruciating acceptance speeches that I cannot watch. I know people who can sit there and watch these, but for some reason I squirm in remote embarrassment for the speakers, even those I like. Why people usually so articulate are reduced to a bubbling mass of jelly is beyond me, but the trouble is the result is the same… most acceptance speeches suck!

This last few weeks was no exception. The Golden Globes in particular offered some gems. Matthew McConaughey was a good example of someone riffing himself into a total disaster. And this is fine, who am I to say Matt, get your shit together. But that doesn’t mean I can stand watching it.

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