I was watching an advertisement for a Texas Republican the other day. Greg Abbot is running for Governor and a buddy of mine sent me a link to one of his videos, as well we a scan of his “Vote for Me” mailer. His main issues are, End ObamaCare, Protect 2nd Amendment rights, and Defend Traditional Values. The trouble with this, like so many other ideas from Republicans is that none of this actually helps Texans. His issues are here
Some basic facts; Texas has the highest number of people without healthcare as a percentage of the population than any other state. Texas also ranks below Croatia and Greece in infant mortality rates (1 year old and younger). So much for defending family values and defending the innocent. While protecting the second amendment and so called traditional values may seem worthwhile to those who truly believe Texas is under threat, like so many politicians, Abbot is long on populism and short on what he would actually do.

He does not say what he will replace ObamaCare with. Is he really going to say that people with pre-existing conditions should not be covered? That would be much to difficult to say, so naturally he hasn’t said it.

When Texas has children under 5 dying at the same rate as Cuba then surely you would think that would be an issue. And don’t think I am harping on Abbott just because he is a Republican. All politicians have moments of complete fluff. Its just that Abbott is being disingenuous when he says he would repeal Obamacare (never going to happen)….That the 2nd amendment is under threat when clearly it is not, and protecting traditional values only seems to count so long as you actually don’t need anything from him in the form of any action whatsoever.

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