You may have noticed TVPC had “technical difficulties”. Technology is great when it works, lousy when it doesn’t. So to net it down… Last Tuesday some code was compromised on the site, and with no warning whatsoever, Network Solutions shut down the site. No email. No call. Nothing. Nada. Zip! Eight hours later we get an email explaining the situation, along with a very technical and cryptic instructions on what to do to remedy the situation, but with no actual guidance as to where the fault was.

Given that we have tens of thousands of members and user created pages, and hundreds of thousands of visitors, not being specific as to the problem was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Their tech support was not much help either as they could not tell us what to do. It was made worse by the constantly long hold times for their tech support, along with the pandering message, “We are experiencing higher than normal call volumes.” Well in that case, HIRE MORE PEOPLE!! Especially as this message played at least five times, all at different hours of the day. If you’re that busy, I am sure you can afford more people.

Get them if you have a web site


Finally, I demanded to speak to management. This individual was able to explain in more detail what exactly was needed to be done and recommended a company to manage this part of the process. The company was, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Within 24 hours they had fixed the issues and provided a detailed explanation of what they had done, which was passed on to NetSol. Even then, it took NetSol, another 24 hours to turn on all the sites.

I should point out we have been with NetSol for 14 years, have multiple web sites and domains with the company. So needless to say I expected better service. Such as call or email and alert us to a problem, not the other way around. So what did I learn? Firstly NetSol is great at selling products, but lousy in delivering service when the chips are down. Secondly, always have insurance with companies like Sucuri. Lessons learned the hard way.

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