We humans are a funny lot. Here we are, often going along quite happily in our own individual somewhat selfish worlds, then all of a sudden you bump into someone you find intriguing, attractive, funny, and witty then you realise how spontaneous life can be.


I have had the opportunity to visit over thirty countries and one thing that is very clear is that the birds and the bees work the same the world over. In countries like UAE or more conservative Kuwait, kids still drive their parents crazy, couples hold hands while eating ice cream and teenagers drive too fast. In Japan, girls seem to look their best no matter what and in Warsaw people dress like they’re from Paris. 

So it’s no surprise, that on my travels I run into people who have met their significant other while they were traveling to parts near and far. Talking to these people from differing cultures and countries has reinforced my view that we have far more in common than populist leaders would have us believe. So for Putin to justify Russia intervention in Ukraine, or recent adventures by US governments the following still applies… To paraphrase George Orwell.. “Those that talk the loudest are not the ones doing the fighting.”

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