Back from holiday and getting ready for my next trips to South Africa, London, then back to London again in September. But at least with all this time off, I have been able to catch up on my reading. And one subject that comes up a lot lately is the cost of college in the good old US of A. And is it worth it? First there was Money Magazines ranking of value for money by colleges. About time someone did that ranking.

Is It Worth It?

And now as I write this, the Wall St Journal has an article on how the cost of college loans can hang over a person for a long time. Regardless of if they even graduate! Well duh! Is anyone surprised?

Now I will be the first to admit that going to college is a good thing. (Full disclosure, I didn’t go) but perhaps only for the right type of degree. This is especially true if you need a degree in Law, Medicine, Engineering etc. I think we can all agree we don’t want a person without a degree building the next suspension bridge, or removing your kidney. However, do we really need some of these others? And if so does it have to be a four year degree?

*It seems to me what is missing is companies taking on some of the responsibility it what is called apprenticeship. Note I am not talking about internships. Apprenticeships are where the company invests time and effort to build up a person’s skill in a particular area. I know friends of mine who got exactly that offer from GM at the age of 18. Why not other disciplines?

Now you know why I used the “?” as the part of the title.

* Well blow me down, no sooner had I written the above paragraph than I read this in the Wall St Journal about Southwire Company doing exactly that. Well done boys. It’s a shame though that it made the press precisely because it was so unusual.

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