I was going to write a different column but a friend of mine just got into a debate with me about what “free” really means, literally thirty minutes ago. My buddy is a Colonel in the Army, graduate of West Point, served in Iraq, but that doesn’t mean he is right about this which was that the USA is the freest of the free. So I decided to post this instead. I’ll let the words speak for themselves. Somewhat sobering reading.  While people argue about speed cameras or right to bear arms, the real story is elsewhere…

Press freedom index

First up is the Press Freedom Index posted left. Scroll a long way down to find the US. Of course 46th out of 180 isn’t too bad. But behind Romania, Botswana.. yikes.

Posted below on the left is the Economic Freedom Index. Again the USA is not as high as you might expect. Also included on the right below is one that you may not think belongs in a review of freedom. But to me access to healthcare is a fundamental freedom. Lack of access restricts freedom of movement (Someone cannot change jobs as it may mean lack of health care), ability to protect your family requires healthcare more than a gun, and the costs associated with taking care of people without healthcare. In case you’re wondering the USA is number 38, just behind Costa Rica.









Economic Freedom Index            Quality of Healthcare Index

Healthcare Rankings 1

Economic Freedom Index

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