As is typical when you get older, birthdays take on less significance but that still doesn’t mean you don’t want some nice surprises or at the very least what you asked for, (or even hinted at). Below is a list of what I asked for (nothing exciting) and what I actually got……..

What I wanted                                   What I received

Two white dress shirts                      Two blue dress shirts
Underwear                                        Socks
Something creative                           A pillow
Electronics                                        An electric toothbrush

Those were the days


Now don’t get me wrong. I love my family and friends, and I love the idea that they went to the trouble to get something….. problem is I didn’t actually get what I asked for. Does this mean I am getting older? Does this mean the people say.. “Hey its just him. This will do?” Of course not. I am as guilty as the next person who sometimes leaves birthday/Christmas/anniversary shopping to the last minute. The point is to realise that family is family, and friends so you take the gifts with how they were meant to be received. Which is…well I dunno. But I am working on it

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