OK.. I’ll admit it. I have finally succumbed to the Borg. I have been assimilated. By the Big Bad Bezos man. AKA Amazon. And it was music what did it. Some history. I have been an Amazon Prime member for some time. For those that don’t know, for about eight dollars a month you get free shipping on many items from Amazon. This only makes sense if you buy from Amazon on a consistent basis. However when Amazon added the Netflix type function of unlimited streaming for movies and TV shows, I was hooked.

Borg King?

But still I did not actually buy much from Amazon. If they wanted to lose money so I could buy an occasional item, ship it for free and give me Netflix type service for less than Netflix. Well who am I to complain?

However, then I discovered two things. On my new Android smart phone was an Amazon app that lets me scan a bar code from any product I find in a store and see the price from Amazon. Often for a lot less. And then press “buy” to have it delivered free within two days. Then Amazon Music arrived as part of Prime. Why put up with Pandora and not be able to choose individual songs? Or pay for Spotify when I can get all in one from Prime?

Borg Queen

Once I started using Prime music, the brilliance of the Amazon strategy became clear. I am now part of the Amazon universe. I purchased eight Amazon orders in December alone, more than the entire previous eleven months. I have been assimilated. Resistance was futile.

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