So we we have lost, or really are about to lose Jon Stewart who hosts the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Which is a fake news show commenting on real news. But in reality it is a fake news show commenting on real news channels who were commenting on the news. If you get my drift. What I find amazing and depressing both at the same time is the fact that we care so much about this. I am a great fan of  Stewart, apart from being funny and clever he seems like a genuinely nice guy. The point is however, and I am not the first to point this out, is that Republicans are so much fun to, well, make fun off. And as some have said recently, they do keep on providing fantastic material. But I digress.

Out sized influence. But why?

My point is, the fact that a comedian on a comedy network, with no real budget, could create such a stir is simply due to the fact that in so many ways, the Daily Show was spot-on. That he would skewer right and left, but mostly right (see point above for source material), simply illustrates the vacuum that exists in the news networks. To me, if CNN had not tried to chase Fox News, but had been more serious the vain of the BBC, the perhaps while having less ratings for sure, it would be a shining star for common sense. There I think is a gap for someone. Serious news coverage, all the time. Boring but essential in a thinking democracy.

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