Republicans….The Grand Old Party. The GOP. Or as I like to call them lately, The Party of No GO-P. They cannot even agree when they control both houses. Such as today on the DHS funding issue. It falls into their laps when a judge in Texas prevents the executive order from President Obama going into effect, so they don’t have to do anything at all to make a point.

Make My Day

But they keep plugging away, shooting themselves in the foot. Just for fun, lets see what other shenanigans they have been up to over the past two years.

You may remember they actually said this….





1) We will shut down the government and the Democrats will get the blame
2) Jeeps to be made in China if we bail out Chrysler
3) GM should not be bailed out as we will never get out money back
4) Obamacare will cause layoffs and death panels
5) Bailing out everyone who needs it in 2009/10/11 will cause inflation and debase the dollar
6) Immigration reform is bad idea. Everyone needs to leave and come back legally
7) Obama is a closet believer in Islam as he was born in Kenya
8) No more government shutdowns

Trouble is, How can you take anyone seriously with a track record like that. We need valid, sensible opposition. Not dumb down, sound bite driven politics. No wonder people laugh.

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