I want to vote GOP… Really.

I have been writing on and off in this blog for about a year. And during that time regular readers, all two of you, might think I do not like the Republican party. In fact they might conclude I am a hideous Liberal. Actually, none of that is true. I have voted Republican before. I have voted Democrat before. I am, I like to think, an Independent in the truest meaning of the word. However, being a citizen of both the UK and the US, I do have a different perspective. The UK has Labour and Conservatives. The UK Conservatives would be called RINOs in the US without a doubt.

Radical Left then….

But being a student of history, I am aware of a similar situation between the UK Labour part of the 1970’s and todays Republican party in the US. While the left wing of Labour was as far removed from the Tea Party wing as is politically possible, there are many similarities…..

Then: The Labour Part of the 1970’s was heavily influenced by Union backed MP;s who believed in pubic ownership of major industries. This went against typical public opinion at the time
Now: The Republican Party of 2010’s is heavily influenced by anti-Union reps who believe in absolutely no government ownership whatsoever. This goes against typical public opinion currently
Then: The extreme left didn’t care two hoots about governing. All they cared about was making their point even if it meant their own voters ended up losing. The nationalization of certain industries, in the end led to their lack of competitiveness and destruction
Now: The extreme right don’t seem to care two hoots about governing. They seem to care more about making cheap shots, knowing full well nothing they propose will become law. In the meantime they continue to fight common sense reform of immigration or health care without actually proposing viable alternatives
Then: The extreme left supported or at least seemed to condone bad behavior by others outside the party (The Unions etc)
Now: The extreme right seems to support bad behavior by others outside the party (NRA, Anti-Abortion activists etc)

Radical Right now..

So how did it all end back then? Well quite badly for the Labour left. Thatcher came along, cleaned Labours clock for 11 years. Finally Tony Blair arrived, ostensibly as a Labour Prime Minister, who was really the Son of Thatcher in many ways, as he continued with her policies. Bottom line. If you cannot govern, people notice.

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