My mother is ailing. There I have written it down. I have made it plain. I have accepted it. My mother, is not ill. She is not dying because of some trauma or because of some disease, but just good old fashioned old age. She has had a good life. But after my father died, she lost her way. Sure she has muddled on for another twenty years or so, but without her husband to be the yang, to her yin, she lost direction. She always needed someone else with her. And now it seems age is finally catching up to her. Seeing someone you love grow frail is difficult. You remember the good times of course. When they were young and you were even younger. Now, I am older than she was when she had me. And I remember thinking, wow, parents they have it all figured out. But of course they do not. They were winging it just as we are today. And as future generations will too. There is no secret plan to life. You just do your best with the information at hand at any given moment. Needless to say, this doesn’t always work. You may look at someone and say, they have it all together. But of course the Big Lie is that they do not. And so it was with my parents. They seemed to have it all worked out, but you find out they didn’t. What was most important was not that though. What is most important is that your parents do their best to instill in you positive values that can pass down to the next generation. And in this case. I think my parents did a good job.

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