I have written a few times about the fact that as a registered independent I would like to have reasons to vote GOP. Trouble is they keep giving me reasons not to, apart from the fact they’re not the Democrats. Which quite frankly is not a good enough reason. My issue is they are wrong on so many things. Here are just three…

We need to get rid of this


1) Health care: Lets face it, the Democrats have done an absolutely abysmal job on marketing Obamacare. An F- if that is even possible. But who could disagree with allowing people to take their health care with them as it makes changing jobs easier? Who could disagree with not being disallowed coverage for preexisting conditions? Or no life time caps etc? These three alone make the change in health care worthwhile. But the Obama administration has failed to push these advantages verses the trade offs such as having to have health insurance by law and have allowed bigots to push it as wrong. It’s as if the Democrats said to themselves, “We have done this wonderful thing. Why can’t people understand?” To me Obama should be standing up with a a sign saying Obamacare. I am proud. But the GOP is far worse. They have failed miserably to explain what they would replace Obamacare with.
2) Climate Change/Global Warming: Call it what you will.. Man made. Natural. Not happening. The worse thing ever. The point is even if you think its not real or real but not really man made, then shouldn’t lowering pollution levels just be considered plain common sense?
3) Gay Marriage. As I write this, the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments around gay marriage. The main point is that the country as moved on. Most people don’t object to gay marriage any more. Even Republicans under 30 see no issue. Once again the GOP is fighting yesterdays wars. And once again like so many things in the past they will turn out to be wrong. (Bailing out GM, Quantitative easing, extending unemployment etc).

I will write soon about what I want the GOP to focus on. How they can make themselves better than the Democrats. And that should not be difficult at at all.

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