I fly a lot. I mean… A LOT! 4.5 million miles and counting. Not as much as George Clooney from Up in the Air, but still I feel I have earned all the upgrades and perks that I get. And one thing you tend to get if you’re upgraded is of course better food. In fact when I travel I eat out all the time as you would expect. Then on the long flights home I eat again, usually something not too bad. Keeping in mind this is airline food after all. So why is it then having eaten in Paris, London, or Tokyo etc on the way back home do I feel compelled to eat at the local McDonald’s conveniently located on a well named road called Airport Boulevard? Its not even as if I am truly hungry.

From this…..

…to this














I have a theory about this. Even though just about anyone can eat out at a nice restaurant and by nice I mean a simple Thai food place, Chinese, or even something better like a steak house, on occasion you cannot beat a two dollar hamburger and a shake made from soy bean. And the reason I  crave this after two weeks on the road is simple. I want a taste of home, even if its not the best. When I was a kid McDonald’s was a great treat. Now after traveling thousands of miles, I yearn for something that reminds me of home. And for better or worse that’s a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

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