As I have stated before, TVPC has some interesting facts. Over 55k members, 70,000 user generated pages, and other such boring trivia. But what took me totally by surprise, was the last week in August. Usually the summer is a slower time for many media sites as people are traveling, have better things to do, such as lay on the beach drinking gin n’ tonics. My idea of a perfect vaca BTW.

Hey.. at least we didn’t crash

Sometimes TVPC has 10,000 people on, or at 3am it can drop to 250 people or less. Who are you insomniacs?

Anyway, in the last week of August, we had over 160,000 people on the site at the same time. For no special reason that I could see. It just happened. The previous record was over two years ago when over 80,000 people were on at the same time. The good news is, that with that many users on at once, the site held up. Didn’t crash. And as much as I complain about Network Solutions, A company as they like to say.. (customer service is quite poor), they at least held up under the barrage of users.

Now if only I could figure out to KEEP most of those people here.

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