Well the GOP is whining yet again.

No caption needed this week

This time about the so called gotcha questions from the CNBC debate. Sure some of the questions were inane. Sure some of them were hostile. But what do they expect? A nicey nice let me tuck you in and read you a bed time story type of debate? As I have mentioned before, most of my male friends are Republicans, and I really would like a reason to vote for the GOP, but I simply cannot. It is just too nutty for me. Of course complaining about the “mainstream press” is a prerequisite, and CNBC did themselves no favours with the last debate. But to complain that the whole debate was a gotcha moment is just ridiculous. The entire Benghazi interview of Clinton was more of a gotcha moment than the CNBC debate. So for the presidential hopefuls to complain was just asinine to me.

Oh yes. Almost forgot. Coming soon, my first podcast. Stay tuned



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