Nope, that is not a typo. One is “Elites” and the other is “elites.” Clearly anyone running for president who is not a traditional member of the GOP (an Elite) is one of the other “elites.” Ted Cruz went to Harvard, clerked at the Supreme Court, with a wife who was (she is taking time off) an MD at Goldman Sachs. So when the GOP Elite is after Donald Trump and Donald Trump calls them “Elites” it’s really a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The irony continues with the recent news is that the GOP “establishment,” is after him as they are scared to death that he is damaging the GOP brand and should he, horror of horrors,

Either way, you’re this if you’re an “elite”

actually win the GOP nomination, he would essentially hand the keys of the White House to the dreaded HRC. I am no fan of The Donald. I think he is a narcissistic blowhard. And certainly he is not a Conservative in the way that would understand it. But. there is no denying he has struck a nerve with certain people. While he was once pro-choice, he is now (apparently) not. He does not believe in certain free trade agreements, and he has outlandish and childish anti-immigration rhetoric. Nor does he need any donor money, instead financing his own campaign by, well, not really spending any money at all.

I believe it is these last three issues that have won him the most support. And there is some clear irony here. This support shows that while abortion and gun rights are often at the front end of GOP politics, it is the bread and butter issues that really resonate. A put “America First” attitude. The irony around the fat cats funding Super Pacs has come into play. When the Supreme Court allowed unlimited funds in elections, the GOP was all for it. Now that it is clear that politicians of all stripes can essentially be bought, Trump is refreshing in that supposedly he cannot be bought. He has his own money. Secondly, his anti-free trade attitude means putting American workers first. Ditto with his immigration views. Now in reality of course, these may not make any sense, but at least he is talking about it. And going against the GOP “elites”. And as so many have written about before, who else is to blame but the GOP in the first place.

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