Ahh.. The Donald. It’s almost impossible to know where to begin. Or to write anything new and creative for that matter. But your faithful writer will attempt this nonetheless. I won’t vote for Trump, but I do believe he has hit on a winning theme.

Now listen carefully…..

If only it was pushed by someone with a more eloquent vocabulary. The three themes of Trumps strategy that to me resonate with voters who feel abandoned are:

1) Immigration. I keep reading that there is a lot less immigration. In fact there is a net migration of people back to Mexico and other places. This is a story often told by those of the more liberal persuasion. I have no issue this, one way or the other. But those that keep talking up the less migration story are missing the point. Its perception that counts. Not reality. And the perception, rightly or wrongly is that there are (primarily) Spanish speaking people in the US. Why should I have to press 1 for English? That type of thing. Therefore, more immigrants. less job opportunity for me.

2) Money in politics. It has become clear to just about everyone, that politicians can be bought by donors. They stay in the race too long, or have policies that make little sense, because they need the money. Trump says “not me.” I am rich, so I can’t be bought

3) “Free trade.” I put this in “” as I am sure Trump would too. Free trade is wonderful. When it’s free and fair that is. Ask a Detroit union car worker how much he has gained from having a low cost worker in Mexico making less expensive cars. In other words Trump is saying lets make sure that trade is fair for all. Not just one side.

I firmly believe that any politician who can take these key messages and wrap them up in a tolerant message, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent, they would do very well.

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