I am not sure if you have noticed, but there is an election going on. We can break it down to the three “Ps” ….Pandered, Populist and Presidential . Who fits where?

1) Pandered. Well this is easy. Ted Cruz, the Panderer in Chief. I mean could you really trust this guy? What with his total change on any subject to suit his needs. Focus on religion when it suits him, to I was for sensible immigration reform but I have since changed my mind etc etc. Of course Jeb! and his tweet of a gun with the engraving of America, was not only pandering at the highest level, it was embarrassing at the highest level, He deserved to get his ass kicked after that.

2) Populist: This is even easier. Trump wins this one by a country mile. Nothing else need be said. 









3) And Presidential?? I am not sure who that is. No one from the GOP.. yet. And Hillary has work to do. So we will see.

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