I can’t stop writing about the GOP meltdown/election debacle/name calling/small minded and small hands runners for President. At first I thought I had a sickness, I was being compulsive, But then I realised I was neither of those things. Watching the GOP self-destruct is almost like being a peeping Tom. You know you shouldn’t look, but you simply cannot help it.

Peeping in on the GOP

The problem is of course that none of this is good for the country. When you have grown men on a national stage comparing the size of their manhood. Or saying how religious they are, despite the fact the government requires a separation of church and state. Just to name two. You begin to wonder where it will all end. I used to get into arguments with my GOP voting friends when I reminded them I was an independent. They would laugh and say that was a flat out lie. That I was a Democrat. My answer is, I am an independent who currently votes Democrat. For one simple reason. In my view, the GOP has defaulted on the right to govern. and that was eight years ago! Turns out I was more right than I realised.  When they get back into responsibility mode, then I will consider voting for them

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