I am beginning to think we need some class in political life. Think back to all the 17 candidates (yes 17!!) for the Republican party presidential nominee. Can you honestly say, regardless of whether you agreed with their policies, if any of them had any class? Some easy ones to rule out. Cruz, Trump, Carli, Christi. Some you could rule out for being clueless. I use clueless instead of dumb as dumb implies an idiot. And most of these people are not stupid. Clueless however implies lack of gravitas, and seriousness. To that add Walker, Santorum, Perry, Carson, Rand Paul, and Jindahl. Did Jeb! have class? Hard to say. Kasich? Cannot tell. And in case you;re wondering who I mean when I say “class.” I am thinking of someone like George Bush (definitely not W), Or Biden.

Class needed

You may not like their politics, but they are gentlemen. Part of the problem is of course that the press is literally oozing with crassness from every pore.

Some of the larger press establishments like NY Times, Washington Post have classy columnists. Some like WSJ, have a mix. The WSJ likes to complain about the nastiness of Trump, but then allows opinionators to vent venom on their pages. In a way this not a surprise, given that WSJ is owned by one of the least classy men I know. A certain Mr Murdoch. The same is true for TV news. So many of the commentators on TV have taken crassness to a new level. I cannot think of one major presenter on Fox News for example, who you could look to and say to your kids, Please behave that way,

So, The GOP is a closed loop of crassness, anger and stupidity. It has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The pundits are angry. The voters get angry. So the pols have to be angry. BTW, don’t think for one minute that I think Hillary has “class”. But I don;t see the level of crassness you get from the GOP in her.

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