How many more times are the people that support the GOP in the media going to continue to talk down to the American public, like we’re a bunch of underage children? I can think of two in particular that just rub me the wrong way. Bill Kristol and George Will. Bill Kristol, the man who stated that his predictions for who would win elections, or make a good candidate where really only done in jest. More of a talking point view.

Really I was only joking.

Not to be taken seriously. I had to smile to myself. He is essentially saying, I make a living out of promoting the GOP world view but anything I say has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Or as I read it.. I have been wrong so many times, I’d better explain it as I really was only joking. The trouble is, while this may sooth his vast ego, remember he was the one who suggested Sarah Palin was a pretty neat idea. Or that all the talk about attacking Iraq was wonderful as Iraq could repay us in oil.

Can you hear me?

George will is even worse though in that he cannot seem to string more than two words together without it being pompous in the extreme. See this as an example:

“Mitt Romney’s denunciations and ridicules, reciprocating Trump’s, are not designed to dissuade Trump voters. It is axiomatic that you cannot reason a person out of a position that the person has not been reasoned into. The adhesive that binds Trumpkins to their messiah can be dissolved by neither facts nor eloquence. Romney and other defenders of Republican traditions are trying to prevent a stampede to Trump of “Vichy Republicans,” collaborationists coming to terms with the occupation of their party. ...”

Say what?

Or this little gem when talking about the GOP refusing to even consider Obamas supreme court nominee

“Because they have a right to be obdurate, there being no explicit constitutional proscription against this.”

Huh? Can’t you speak English George? Lets face it. I can understand what he’s saying. But he gives me a headache trying read it. It just sounds like hes trying to say things with a mouthful of marbles. With voices like this, and others, its is no wonder The GOP is losing to Trump.

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