I have to admit I get a tad tired of the often repeated mantra that politicians on the right say. Which is that much could be solved if only we had smaller government. Of course when pressed what that would actually entail, they get confused. Would they touch defense? Nope. we will make that larger. Social Security? Well yes, but only if you’re under 55. And this from a so-called moderate, Paul Ryan.  A very cynical attitude indeed as they know many voters for the GOP are OVER 55.

Now that’s what I call smart

There is no doubt there are places that need pruning in order to lower deficits. But notice the GOP no longer talks about lowering deficits. It wasn’t that long ago that the world as we know it would end if we didn’t do some drastic pruning to lower the deficit. But once again silence rains.

To me though, what I would really like to see is less of the hang-up on smaller government. and solutions proposed that make for smarter government. This could mean all manner of things. More and better access to data on line for those with limited internet access. More help in finding the right medical solution before you even go into a doctor. Transportation that delivers more efficient infrastructure. And so on. Smarter government would lead to improved efficiency and ultimately smaller government. But dictating what is smarter takes thought and polices. Something the GOP is seemingly incapable of these days.

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