If I read the National Review, or similar, I am told that the reason people vote for Trump is because they want to make s statement against Obama. His overreach. His Obamacare. His Washington. Never mind that the more obvious choice would have been Cruz if that’s was on voters top of mind. When I read the more middle of the road press, I am told that people voted for Trump because they feel let down by the GOP who promised the moon and failed to deliver. Immigration. Trade. Middle class malaise. And so on.

Missed me by that much

Now. there are no doubt many millions who voted for Trump because they feel he can make “America Great… Again” and that they feel both parties have ignored them. These people also believe The Donald will do what he says. But I have another theory. A vote for Trump is a protest vote. A “plague on both your houses” vote. This voter knows full well that Donald will not deport 11 million people, ban Muslims or get Mexico to pay for a wall. But a vote for Great Yellow Hair it is an easy way to essentially give the career politicians the finger.  Now whether or not they actually will vote for Donald in November is up for debate, only time will tell. But in the meantime, I bet these people feel pretty good about themselves right now.


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