I read a lot. 12 newspapers and blogs a day on average. I stagger around at 6am and read either the hard copies delivered to my door, or on-line. In reading the many outraged Republicans who still cannot support The Donald, (there are a few left, but they are dwindling in number), I come across an overused phrase this is really starting to annoy me. “Principled Conservative.” This is usually followed up with the words in a sentence such as, “Constitutionalism.” “Freedom.” “Small Government.” In fact I have noticed it so much lately that I was wondering what it really means. I know what it says. but what does it stand for?

Not you Mark. Not you

I have come to the conclusion that it really means that many of the people using these words are sanctimonious hypocrites. Or as the Brits like to say, a bunch of gits.

When Donald was calling Obama a Kenyan. Or Sarah Palin was ragging on about the “Real America,” is the true America. Or when Romney said all Jeeps would be made in China (remember that one?), I don’t recall any “Principled Conservative” standing up and saying what a load of baloney. However, now I see some hope, but only marginally. Several Republicans have come out and said they will not support Trump. No matter what. (By the way, I am not talking about pundits, I am referring to elected officials who have more to lose). Good for them. However, there are now many so call “Principled Conservatives” who seem to have forgotten the “Principled” piece. Speaker Ryan seems to be the main offender here. He is bending himself, like so many these days, into shapes you would not have thought a human could bend in to. Even John McCain. A man I admire tremendously, has said he would vote for Trump. Despite the fact that Donald said he didn’t like veterans who got themselves captured.

Who knew the allure of being an elected official was such a turn on, that some would burn their principles at the alter of power? I’m just kidding. We know they all will. So in a nutshell, as Forrest Gump might say “Principled is as principled does. Unless I am tested.”

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