Am I being too hard on Trump. No! I wanted Trump to win the GOP nomination so we could move off of nonsense like which bathroom should people use (totally unenforceable), gay marriage, Obamacare is the ruination of the country etc etc, into something more tangible. Such as, if you don’t like Obamacare, then what would you replace it with, and why would it better? How will you make jobs. Invest in roads etc? For this to happen, Trump needed to win the nomination, prove to the GOP mandarins that things like this matter to their voters, and then of course have Trump lose in a spectacular fashion to Clinton. Then, and only then would the GOP rebuild into a sensible alternative.

You're darn right every vote counts!

You’re darn right every vote counts!

But, something else has happened on the way to GOP redemption. Trump, with his half truths, outright lies and me first attitude, is damaging the discourse of the country. I make fun of the like of Sean Hanity and Alex Jones, as really, you cannot expect anything better of them. They are both nincompoops. But, the press, in particular the TV press has let us down. We need serious conversation. Not showbiz. Peoples lives are at stake. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or left. We are all Americans. We cannot have people who should know better, damaging the fabric of American society.

As we have a separate judiciary and hundreds of years of democracy, I don’t expect permanent damage. But, I do believe unless we hold those in TV land, or those who are running to a higher standard, we will get the leadership we deserve. And that a’int good.

What’s worse. I feel really guilty now. I voted for Trump in the Texas primary. Oops.

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