It has been a busy week or two for the Donald. Mocking Hillary one minute, attacking an ex beauty queen for gaining weight the next. And finally, the cherry on top of his miserable week, having a portion of his 1995 tax return made public. Poor poor Donald. How can he ever recover? If only Twitter allowed for, oh I dunno, say 1400 characters instead of 140. He could really go to town.

Donald Needs More.

Donald Needs More.

Just like he did at his speech the other day. where he clearly was losing his mind. As a friend of mine said, a Republican voter, this would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Donald Trump truly is the worlds most dangerous man right now. Just by all his shenanigans, by implying that what would happen if Clinton’s security detail didn’t have guns anymore. Or by asking his supporters to make sure that there is no voter fraud in the voting booths. Clearly he is not up to the task. Nor his he taking his responsibility seriously. Words matter.

Speaking of responsibility. Where are the so called leaders of the GOP? In particular Paul Ryan? The time has come for him to say I cannot vote for Trump. And neither should you. Vote GOP down the ticket, but do not vote for Trump. Of course in order to do this has it takes courage and character. Which means he won’t do it. Which also of course means he will never be president as this will be thrown back in his face forever. At least we can thank Trump for that.

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