Ahh, another enjoyable day in conspiracy theory land. Alex “I am a complete loon” Jones, he of Infowars fame, had his clocked cleaned when Professor Wikileaks himself, Julian Assange, held a press conference in Berlin, via video conference from his hidey hole at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London (do try to keep up here), ostensibly to distribute some blockbuster news about Hillary Clinton, that would upset the entire Clinton political machine. Jones was so excited he almost wet his big boy pants.

Alex has anger management issues

Alex has anger management issues

But hey, guess what. Jones and all other conspiracy loud mouths were punked. Yup. Turns out old Jillian was having them on all along. As he said. “Why would I have a press conference for something so important at 3am East Coast time?” In other words… “Suckers!” Of course it was like shooting fish in a barrel given Alex’s clearly low IQ. I trust Alex can now go back and get a good nights rest. Oh and keep taking the Tourettse meds Alex.

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