Yesterday was (almost) literally a red letter day in the MM household. A letter from The Donald himself. Apart from the fact that the actual letter itself was not printed in red paper, it was a red letter day nonetheless. Yup, yours truly received a letter addressed to “Dear Fellow American.” I felt humble right from the get go. Anyway, as I read through this I realised I was not reading a letter from an adult. Nope, I was reading one from a 12 year old running to be middle school president. (Is there such a thing?). Take out the Trump logo and you might think that too. Consider this wonderful piece of prose.

Written by Donald or a 12 year old?

Written by Donald or a 12 year old?

“Are you (going to) allow Crooked Hillary Clinton…to win and destroy everything..”
“Crooked Hillary has pledged to let in tens of thousands of immigrants from ISIS-controlled regions in the world.”
“I’ve taken a lot of hits from the sleazy media. They have twisted my words….”
“..she is going to stack the federal courts…….. with radical liberal activists”

There is more, much more. I have attached the front page for your enjoyment. However, I ask you to forget whether or not you would vote Trump or Clinton. And look at this for what it is. An embarrassing, amateurish letter. My favourite part is on page 2. Trump cannot resist saying,

“I did not have to run for president. I have a great life and very successful business.”

As if anyone else had to run? But of course, it comes back to the Con Don everytime. Me me me. “Look I am really doing this for you. Look how great I am.”

As I said, embarrassing. For the GOP, and the country.



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