Here is why Ted Cruz will never be president. Apart from all the obvious reasons of course. The main reason is lousy timing. I often to say that getting the timing right in life is everything. Miss a train, miss the important job interview. But maybe, missing the train means you meet the girl of your dreams,and so on. But get it wrong, and you’re toast. So think of Ted Cruz then. He supports Trump as a good Republican before he was the nominee. Then, when he becomes the nominee, Cruz shows up at the convention, and basically says don’t vote for Trump.

Cruz in Agony Over You Know Who

Cruz in Agony Over You Know Who

But of course being Cruz he does this in a crass classless way. Instead of having a separate press conference away from the convention, he shows up at the convention hall, and essentially, like being invited to a nice party insults the hostess’s food. As I said, no class.

So, looks like a shrewd (but classless)  move, for at least a few weeks. He can stand on principle as a true conservative who won’t support Trump. But then it gets difficult, Trump suddenly starts doing better in the polls. Oops. There’s a chance he may win after all. Cruz is now in a tough spot. Continue to not endorse Trump and look like he may be helping Hillary. Or endorse Trump, and get in line. Of course he was also under pressure to get in line due to his own reelection prospects, as he could get “primaried.” So Cruz being Cruz, now endorses Trump.

Oops again. Talk about bad timing. No sooner than Cruz does this, Trump goes on a tirade about a former Miss Universe. His poll numbers start to go down. Then, finally Trump runs into the buzz saw…..his recordings about forcing himself of woman which broke a few days ago.

Had Cruz only waited a week or so, he could still be saying, “I told you so.” Instead of which he himself may have to walk that endorsement back. And of course people will know him for who he really is. An opportunist who is not a principled conservative whatsoever.

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