If the Hypocrite of the Year Award actually existed, and perhaps it should, there would be many names to go to the nomination committee. Predominantly from the GOP side, but I am sure Hillary Clinton would get a nod too. How someone can speak one thing in private speech for lots of money, and then turn around and say something totally different in public.. well that’s a politician. Yes, Hillary would get to be finalist, but the winner would surely be the collective so called Religious Right, or Evangelical leaders. Although that could be unfair as several key leaders have come out and said they cannot vote for Trump.

“We’re all sinners.” Ain’t that the truth Jerry

But there has to be one winner. One who epitomises what hypocrisy is. Really digs deep into his or her soul to deliver the goods. Therefore the front runner right now would surly be Jerry Falwell jr. The son of Jerry Falwell, and President of Liberty University in Virginia. Falwell like his dad, is a staunch family first, pro character matters type of guy. Falwell’s father attacked Bill Clinton on numerous occasions as solely unrepresentative of the type of leadership the United States deserves.

The Senior Falwell claimed that Clinton was “the most radical and controversial president in our nation’s history.”

So naturally Falwell jr came out hard against a lying, three time married, groping of woman, ogling of 10 year old girls (“I’m going to be dating her in 1o years”), attacking a grieving family of a fallen soldier (and many many more) individual. He told Trump that he should leave the race and that he was solely unqualified for the office of the President.

Oops, sorry. I misspoke. I was dreaming. He did none of those things. In fact Falwell jr. has gone on TV multiple times to defend Trump.

He speculates that the leak of the video “might have even been a conspiracy among the establishment Republicans,” including House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Falwell said what was in the video was “reprehensible,” but he argued “we’re all sinners” and dismissed Trump’s words as “dumb comments on a videotape 11 years ago.”

Way to go Jerry jr. Stand up for sound principles and family values. When Trump loses, and loses badly, hopefully someone will kick you out as President of Liberty University. And of course it’s not just Falwell. Include Pat Robinson, and others who are sticking with Trump. Thanks guys for standing by your principles and not letting politics get in the way of clouding your judgement. I knew I could rely on you!


As I write this, Liberty Uni has published a statement claiming Falwell is supporting Trump as a private citizen, and not as a rep of Liberty. I will comment on this later




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