Imagine if someone with Trumps message… America First, less nation building, free trade so long as it’s fair, focus on American jobs, immigration control, etc, had been delivered by someone who was, well, sane. Imagine that this person, either Democrat or Republican, had said these things in a measured and sensible tone. Imagine that they could say no party had focused on these things. Imagine if this person had ignored gay marriage, what bathroom someone should go in, etc, as Trump has done, so they could focus on the subjects that matter to most Americans. Again in a cloak of reasonableness. Given that Trump has lost the plot due to his narcissistic paranoia, he is letting his key supporters down. I think it is safe to say, that a reasonable person would do well, maybe even win the election.

Some of it might actually work

Some of it might actually work

Even if these points were now simply part of the conversation, it would help any party. Quite frankly I think the Democrats have a better chance of embracing them than the Republicans as they have too many people who want to use so called “wedge issues.”

Time will tell if these messages will echo around after the election, but I am convinced professional politicians have already read the tea leaves and will include some Trump messages by the time new elections roll around. Which, to my mind, is actually a good thing.

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