I have stated before that I believe Trump is a sociopath. But I am now coming to a more ominous conclusion. I actually think he is quite dangerous, and giving cover to the GOP for other bad behavior.  He is dangerous because of his attacks on news outlets, primarily CNN. CNN, as any reasonable person would agree is a legitimate news outlet but rather than argue salient points, Trump likes to shoot the messenger. Or not even take questions from their reporters.

Perhaps it should be a badge of honor that Trump will not take questions from you. The more the merrier I say.

He intimidates by using his  Tweet Tantrums. So if you want to have a relationship with him, you may not want to run the risk doing anything other than either ignore the idiotic things he says, or to simply give sycophantic coverage.

The last one describes Fox News. Who, far from doing their viewers the favour of explaining how Trumps policies could have a negative affect, they ignore the facts. This leads to the news bubble of Trump and his surrogates knowing they will get a soft ride on Fox so they will continue to favour the network. Fox benefits as they can bring unique access to Trump and his team. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Nevermind that the viewers are short changed. This is even more evident now as Fox News is essentially nonstop opinion machine in the evenings. It has no intention of serving up anything that might offend its viewers. Far better to follow what the viewers want to hear, than give them what they need to hear.

The entire GOP

The entire GOP

How is he dangerous? When he attacks a legitimate news outlet, attacks anyone who he feels slights him, he is adding cover for other bad behavior. Case in point, only this past Thursday, Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah accused the independent Office of Government Ethics director, Walter M. Shaub Jr., of “blurring the line between public relations and official ethics guidance.” What he was doing was calling into question Trumps ethical problems. In other words he was doing his job.

So now the GOP, who claims to be guardians of the constitution and character are failing to protect America because it would be just too inconvenient. You can add this a list of things that no longer matter to the GOP:

Budget deficit
Pro Life
Free trade

Am I wrong or does it seems the entire GOP are now RINO’s.

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