Ahh. What a world we live in. I have not written a blog post for nearly ten days as I have been caught up in improving my new daily podcast, The Daily Dose. I chose that name simply because I couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything better, so the name stuck. We will see how that goes.

But I digress. Time to catch up on what’s been going on. In fact I think I will skip most of it, as we all know exactly what’s been going on. It’s Trump being Trump. Which if nothing else and depending on your point of view, is either a) scary, b) total incompetence or c) amusing. Or maybe even d) Making America Great Again. Personally I shoot for a combination of the first three, with a lean towards b and c.

It must be true then. He said it

It must be true then. He said it

The roll out of the travel ban from seven Muslim countries (although it’s not a ban against Muslims apparently), which left out Saudi Arabia was an act of extreme cowardliness. I mean, if you’re serious about protecting America, surely ban the country that spawned the overwhelming majority of hijackers on 9/11. But of course that would be awkward, so it didn’t happen. Meanwhile, as I write this, the ban has been temporarily overturned by a judge in Seattle. I should emphasise, temporarily overturned. This can now go to appeal, and of course it will very quickly. But I want to focus on Trump’s response. Would he show some class? Would he say I disagree but we have laws and will appeal? Or similar words that uphold the fabric of the United States. Nope. Of course not. He said “This so called judge”.. and then ranted on Twitter about the appeal. This is where I believe Trump is dangerous. It’s one thing to belittle an other politician. I mean who cares? But it still shows lack of class. But it’s quite another to attack a judge for doing their job. Which has happened twice now with Trump. I have no doubt had the judge upheld the ban, Trump would be Tweeting what an amazing judge we have.

It is because of Trump shenanigans like this, that I truly believe he is a danger to the discourse and fabric of American society. This is not about politics or policies. This is about a man who is solely unfit for office.

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