Max gets a late start to the week, but this gives him time to digest some of his favourite quotes from the GOP camp. I mean, could you even make this stuff up.. “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing, as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies,” so says Iowa Republican Sen.

My name is Chuck Grassley, I have been in Congress for over 40 years. See, one finger for every decade. Is that right?”

Chuck Grassley. What a classy guy. And remember this is from the President who promised to “drain the swamp,” and Steve Bannon wanted a revolution for the working man. Where is that guys? And every day the Trump Russian bandwagon gets more and more bogged down. This time by a Tweet that came from Trump’s account, but was not actually written by him, but was dictated by to his lawyer by Trump which means it is meaningless.. Wait! What?

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