This can’t possibly be right. I have two kids

Max finally feels he has found the words to talk about the school shooting in Florida, which the Cowardly Lion Paul Ryan says we should not politicize.
Of course, we should politicize it. Paul Ryan and his ilk are already politicized because they take millions of dollars from gun advocate groups. So it is incredibly disingenuous of Paul Ryan and others to say now is not the time to make this a political situation. Max explains how he has actually fired an AR15, yet sees no reason to actually own one and cannot really fathom why anyone would want to own one. And the Utter Hypocrite of the Week Award goes to of course Paul Ryan who while saying do not make the shooting a political issue has actually received more money over the past few years from guns right groups than any other politician. Remember when Trump said he would protect America, yet somehow he cannot protect us from guns, further Russian interference in our elections and allows the handling of top secret documents in the White House by dozens of staffers who have failed to receive full security clearance. You cannot make this stuff up.

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