In his first show after the weekend when Donald Trump had yet another Twitter storm, which as Max has long said, are essentially windows into the Trumpsters soul, so we can look into over one dozen Tweets to realise that Trump really only cares about himself.

And then she said, “I want you Donald.” I mean, what was I supposed to do? So I placed my hand on her knee, like this.

Now we know 19 women have accused Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior, yet will the so called Evangelicals still support the Donald. Of course they will! It is also very good to know that Fox & Friends is the sole source of “intelligence” if that’s the right word, for Trump, yet he has the best intelligence agencies on the planet. But apparently Fox & Friends has better sources than the CIA, FBI etc etc. Max also outlines how Trump has become Churchillian much to his amazement. Meanwhile Trump goes after everyone but Russia, so much for protecting the United States. Finally, Max begs the Democrats to get their act together.

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