Max gets a late start on Thursday and jumps right in to the contentious gun debate and immediately starts to worry about the mental health of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

And I swear to you, I will not rest until visitors can bring guns into NRA headquarters. Wait! No, that’s not right

The problem for Max is that he is suffering from a nasty cold but your illustrious host struggles on. It is good to see Donald Trump and Marco Rubio taking a risk by having meetings with the very people affected by the shooting in Florida. However, do you really believe that either one of those two will do anything? And the fact that the “very stable genius” needed cue cards to show empathy. Can you imagine the uproar from Sean Hannity (aka Shallow Hal) if Bill Clinton had done the same thing. Of course Donald’s answer to the problem is to now have armed teachers. The NRA’s answer is even worse, to blame the “mainstream media” for having the audacity to actually cover these shootings. As if Fox News is not part of the mainstream media. As for the Democrats, they need to give us more reasons to vote from them, other than not being Donald Trump. 

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