Max starts the week by finalizing his review of the weekend, CPAC, and how nutty the NRA seems to have become. But it’s good to know that we no longer have to worry about Superfly, Superman or even Iron Man, for now we have a man of grit, bravery, determination, and courage all rolled into one.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

What’s more he’s real, and not a cartoon. Yes you guessed it.. its not a speeding plane, it is SuperTrump. Yes Trump said he would have gone into that school “even without a weapon.” Wow. This is simply amazing, and good to know that our commander in chief would jump into the fray no matter what. Max also questions the jumping to conclusion regarding the actions of the sheriff deputies when the whole story is not yet known. If anybody claims to know in advance what they would do under these circumstances are kidding themselves. Then Max digs into what happens to old white guys when they hit seventy? What happens to the likes of Trump and NRA’s LaPierre are prime examples of this, where they seem to rant and rave against everyone as its All Their Fault. Finally Max delves into the Devil.. holy cow!


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