Max starts off where he finished off last time by trying to understand Donald Trump’s pathetic approval ratings.

“Jeff, now I want you to do a little dance for me. Go on. Just like you rehearsed it”

, After all, shouldn’t they be the best poll numbers ever with the economy doing as well as it is? If Donald Trump’s approvals are in the mid to high thirty’s, perhaps they should be over 70%. Which means the Trump deficit is forty percentage points. Amazing. Then Max digs into the CNN scandal whereby it turns out that CNN was actually telling the truth about the kid in Florida who claimed he was not allowed to ask the question he had wanted to ask. To their credit, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson then corrected the story in the interest of “telling the truth.” Yeah….riiight. Then Max focuses on Jeff Sessions who is yet again publicly roasted by Trump. How much self-esteem does Sessions have left? How many more times will he let Trump humiliate him? Ditto for Trump’s son-in-law Kushner who while not humiliated by Trump publically is starting to look like the rest of the Trump administration.. a character from a bad cartoon.

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