Max celebrates Friday by enjoying a glass of very good Scotch as he tries to wind down from a frantic week in Trumpland and give himself some time to digest what is going in the White House.

Get your hand off my ass Stephen

Now it turns out that Trump’s son in law had meetings in the White House to discuss loans to the tune of $500m for his family business, this comes on top of Kushner losing his top secret clearance. Max is getting tired on all the winning to the point his head is starting to hurt. Meanwhile Donald’s eye candy Hope Hicks is leaving, which in case you have lost count will be the fifth communications director the Trump administration has had in slightly over a year. By contrast the Obama administration had five communications directors during its entire two terms in office. Next Max digs into the new Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum that even the Wall Street Journal does not like. Given Trump never seems to follow through, Max questions whether this will ever become law given the WSJ has come out against them, all it takes now is for Fox & Friends to say this is a bad idea and the tariffs are toast. 

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