Max starts his week wishing he was on video as his face has a total look of disbelief as he talks about the past twenty-four hours in Trumpland. Max starts by looking at Sam Nunberg

Am I nuts? Hard to say really. How can I tell? I may be drunk

and wondering if his recent television appearances where he dared Bob Mueller to arrest him is really just a way to prove how unfit he is to stand trial. In other words Nunberg wants to cop an insanity plea by proving he’s nuts in order to avoid jail time. Meanwhile the Cowardly Lion Paul Ryan finally grows a spine. Was he defending the constitution from attacks by Trump? Was he defending the press from attacks by Trump? Judges? Nope.. the only time Ryan decided he could go against Trump is when it was against his political ideas as that did not require real courage whatsoever. Finally Max takes a dig at Wilbur Ross, the Commerce Secretary who is tripping over himself trying to defend Trump’s tariffs. 

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