Max hits his midweek stride by looking into the latest news about the tariffs that Trump wants to impose over the now dead body of his resigned top economic adviser Gary Cohn. Max finds a great quote from the book Fire & Fury which was attributed to Gary Cohn which makes it very clear what Cohn thinks about Trump.

Damn, those still look good

Paul Ryan, the Cowardly Lion had urged Trump not to implement any tariffs, but then surprise, he backed down and said that maybe some form of tariffs might be acceptable after all. It’s amazing that Ryan can stand up, and walk as he appears to be totally spineless. Speaking of character, it now turns out that Stormy Daniels, the woman who Trump had an affair with right after his son was born, and who was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair is now suing him. She says she can sue him as he never signed the non-disclosure agreement. Will the evangelicals who say Trump deserves a mulligan still find excuses to support him? Max decides the answer is depressing… yes they will.

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