Max starts his work week with a strong Scotch and a late night review on what has been going on over the past few days in Trumpland, while trying the best he can to be his usual optimistic and upbeat self. 

Look if I say this enough, it’s bound to come true. Right?

Max then looks into how Trump gets his daily intelligence briefing and how it affects his daily view on how to respond to the serious issues in the world. He also discusses the GOP led House Intelligence Committee coming out and saying that there were no signs of collusion, surprise, surprise, surprise. Max also finds time to quote one of his favorite movies, Casablanca. Plus let’s not forget that as much as Trump wants to meet with North Korean Leaders this is a regime that recently killed Otto Warmbier. Can you imagine if a Democrat president had said he was going to meet with North Korean leaders after an American was returned home brain dead? And as ever, turns out Trump cannot stand up to the NRA after all, nor can he find a way to personally criticize Russia after a chemical attack on British soil against a former Russian spy.

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