Max starts the week very early, and cannot help himself by calling out the Cowardly Lion otherwise known as Paul Ryan for his lack of spine, or maybe even his manly bits.

Can someone read this to me please? I have forgotten what it said

Max revisits his view that the Trumpster is a very lonely man, who when he finds himself bouncing around the White House late at night, ie around 7pm, he has nothing to do other than watch TV and vent. Max wonders if Trump has ever thrown anything at one of his many televisions. Max is amazed and not in a good way, when a former CIA Director attacks Donald Trump as a threat to the United States. Is this what we have come to? Then Max returns to the Cowardly Lion and writes a speech for him. For free! Then Max gets to his favorite subject, Stormy Daniels, mainly just because he likes saying the name Stormy Daniels over and over, but also because she was paid $130,000 to cover up an affair with Donald which according to his lawyer never happened. Max wonders how much she might have received had she actually had an affair.

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