Max starts off by giving his take on the recent Austin bombings and the effect on the city of Austin where he lives. Next Max gets into Donald’s recent telephone call with Russia’s Putin to congratulate him on his recent electoral win as after all, it was a free and fair election.

We will give Trump a Stormy Summer (center and right)

Of course he was told in big bold letters “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” as otherwise Donald might have a hard time reading such big words. Needless to say, Donald ignored this advice, which let’s not forget leaked out immediately from Donald Trump’s own White House. Then Max gets into Trump’s choice of lawyers, they may not be lawyerly but they play one on TV. Sure seems to Max that Trump has found a class A legal team and is bound to have Mueller quaking in his boots. Plus now it seems like two more women are suing the Donster, one for defamation, which is the case that could really cause Donald a lot a problems. Here name is Summer Zervos, so now we have Summer & Stormy. No one could make this stuff up.    

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