Max reviews the week, or as much as he can in the short time he has, as there is so much to cover. Naturally he has to have an adult beverage just to give himself a boost as he goes over a week in Trumpland.  Working through his list, Max starts with the massive new spending bill that was passed by a Republican congress and signed by a Republican president that adds over $1 trillion to the deficit.

Facebook is fake, but see this..all real. Would I lie?

Then The Donald complained that no one had read it, never mind that no one read the tax bill either. Max goes through the list of wins for the Democrats. And Donald promised this would never happen. The issue is he paid no attention until the last minute of any of the details and then found out all the things he ran against were included. Shock horror. Max also finds time to go after low hanging fruit Sean Hannity. Now Trump has to deal with three women who are suing him, but his lawyers keep leaving as the Donald won’t listen. So naturally Donald hires his replacement from Fox News, where else, along with John Bolton who used to advocate attacking North Korea.

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