Max starts his weekly show by looking at the fact Nancy Pelosi turned 78 years old over the past day or so. It turns out that she has been in Congress since 1987, which is more than Paul Ryan, but combined they have been in DC at our expense for over 50 years.

Have you heard the one about the porn star and the president? I mean, between us, 50 years in Congress, and people still think we work for them.

And Max wonders for those combined 50 years, what have they accomplished for the average working American man or woman. Max also knows exactly why Trump has not Tweeted about the Stormy Daniels affair, this is because Trump’s Twitter feed is, as Max has said for months, is a window into Trump’s soul, and in this case, Trump has too much to hide, just as he does with Russia. And shock horror, Daniels said she did not find Donald attractive. How is the Donsters shallow ego going to be able to handle this insult? Under normal circumstances we know that he would say he thought she was ugly, as he did with Ted Cruz’s wife. Next we get into the fact that Trump cannot seem to find a credible lawyer to help in his case against Mueller. 

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